Saturday, December 26, 2009

This is the world's most trusted method of Doing Data Entry works Online for Free.
If a Site charge you a fee to Register and Do Data Entry works It is a Scam.

These are the Most Trusted Sites in the Internet Today.

Before you Register these Sites You need A MoneyBooker Account or a Payoneer Prepaid Master Debit Card If you have Paypal you can Use it too. But MoneyBooker Cheaper Than Paypal And support any country. Paypal doesn't support all countries.
To Get Payoneer Prepaid Master Debit Card Go HERE and Do every thing In that site to get your Card the other thing is
This card is 100% Free.

To Get Moneybooker Account Click Below Banner and then Register. This is 100% Free too.

Now we will Start Earning Money.

Now go these sites and Register. to visit these sites Click the Banners Below

Freelance Jobs

Here are The Payment Proofs was Before

(Click to Enlarge)

Outsource your programming projects at today - Free signup
(When you Register On this site Select Programmer NOT Buyer )

Below I Typed as GAF and As SL

SL =

Now we are Ready to Eran money.
In these sites you will meet something called Projects. In these sites Project means Jobs.

There are so many Projects in these sites.
If you Know Programing you can do programing Projects, If you Know English very well you can Do Copy writing, if you Know Web Site Building you can do web site disigning.

There are some Projects called Data Entry you don't need any Experience to do these. These projects are very simple you have to do is typing some Documents, Downloading and Uploading files and some thing like That.
You must not do other projects if you don't know about them very well. Because if you won a Project like that if you don't Know to do it Then you can't do it and Buyer well be upset then he will Give you a Bad rating Because of that You won't get any Project in the future.

After you found A project that can be done By you.
You all have to do is bid on a project In GAF you can bid 32 bids per month. But in SL you can bid as you want There is no limit In SL.

After you Bid Send buyers a PM (Private Message). Buyers Means Project owners they are the people who giving these projects. in these sites they called you SP(Service Provider).

Without sending PMs you can win a project. And the other thing is don't send contact information in your PMs. If you send These sites will Terminate your account.

In GAF you can send PMs by clicking the messege button. It is near Buyers name.
In SL you can send PMs by posting them in messege board. Remember to Send PMs after you bid.

The truth is it is too hard to get your first project. Because of that you Must Bid to the lower amount if you don't do this you can't win Projects. After Completing 4 Projects Then GAF and SL give you a rating then you can Bid to higher amounts.

In EUFreelancer Everything As Same As GAF. Because It's the Sister Site of GAF. The only Different is You Can Get Paid Only By Euro. And Only have one Cash Out option That is MoneyBooker. The Minimum Amount to Cash Out Is 30 Euro.

When you win a Project Do it As Soon As possible.

After you Earn 30$ you can Cash out it to your Master card or to your MoneyBooker Account.
GAF and SL have same minimum Cash out rate. It is 30$.

Good Luck